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Increased efficiency with an EDI connection

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) grants the automatic exchange of data between two ERP systems. An EDI connection helps reduce costs and minimises errors that result from manual data transmission. Standards we support are EDIFRAKT and XML Monitor. We can also customise the interface to suit any business specific requirements. When using an EDI connection conducting and receiving orders, accessing order & delivery confirmations and invoices is uncomplicated and quick. We also provide solutions for e-invoicing in standard Svefrakt or EHF.

Benefits of Tibnor EDI

  • Increased efficiency due to automation
  • Immediate order processing
  • Less manual labour
  • High quality data due to errorless transfers
  • More time to focus on core business

How does EDI work?

EDI is a permanent connection between ERP, CRM, procurement systems and other software solutions. An EDI connection enables the automated transfer of commercial information including orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. Automating the ordering process increases efficiency and reduces the error rate.