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We believe our employees are our greatest asset

Imagine yourself working in a down-to-earth and friendly environment at the ringside of Nordic industry. We are part of its competitiveness. Seeking challenges? At Tibnor, you will have responsibility from the start. We want constantly to develop as a company, and support our people to develop too.

Join us and let’s make a difference together.

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Safety is the core of our culture

Safety is about going home safely after work to be with your loved ones and friends. It is about people and we care deeply about it. We are aware of the many risks involved in our logistics and production and this is why it is critical to reduce them systematically every day.

Tibnor’s common target is to aim for zero accidents. How can we achieve this? By focusing on safety together in our daily work. At Tibnor safety is everyone’s concern, not only in production but also in sales and support functions. Safety involves all of us, it’s just that the content of safety work differs depending on your organization. We focus on identifying risks, reducing them and learning from them. We seek to ensure that the same injuries do not reoccur. We also know that human factors play a major role in safety risks and this is why safety work is about working with people.

At Tibnor, Safety comes first in everything we do and it is something we practice every day.

Lean way forward

At Tibnor, we are continuously developing our ways of working based on our lean philosophy “SSAB One”. Continuous improvements involves constant learning and daily improvements.

We need to continuously improve to stay relevant in the market, for our customers, employees and our society. How do we ensure this? At Tibnor, we develop our ways of working based on our lean philosophy “SSAB One”. We work like this in all teams and in all countries to secure Tibnor’s competitiveness, to eliminate waste in our flows, to increase effectiveness in our ways of working and processes and to create engagement amongst all employees who are all involved in this work.

Practically all our teams in all countries have meetings daily or weekly to manage the teams’ workloads, and to find deviations and improvements. We also focus on problem solving in all teams to improve the so-called “normal state”. The idea is to use everyone’s knowledge in order to improve together. This is how we create commitment at Tibnor.

Diversity at Tibnor

We at Tibnor respect everybody and seek to ensure that no one receives less favorable treatment because of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, age, religion or belief.

We are convinced that diversity enriches our business and corporate culture. As part of SSAB Group, we work in close proximity to customers and suppliers around the world. To be able to meet their needs in the best possible way, we have to understand everyone’s approach and culture. Likewise, we employ men and women from different geographies, people who have different competencies and experiences, and who have worked for us for various lengths of time. As a company, we strive to provide all our employees with equal opportunities to develop within the company and to feel included.

Sustainability is our key business driver

At Tibnor we have three sustainability focus areas in the same way as SSAB, our parent company:

  • Sustainable operations
  • Sustainable offering
  • Responsible partner

Sustainable operations
Sustainable operations means that we work to reduce our environmental impact in our operations. We have, for instance, ongoing initiatives to increase the transport fill-rate and to reduce energy consumption and scrap.

Sustainable offering
Sustainable offering means that we pay more attention to the environmental and social impact of our products and services, and we focus, for instance, on local sourcing. We offer, among other products, SSAB’s advanced high-strength steels and quenched and tempered steels that are stronger, lighter and also more sustainable. We are proud to be part of SSAB Group, which has embarked on a sustainability expedition that revolutionizes steel throughout its lifecycle – from steelmaking, to end use and 100% recyclability. Today, SSAB’s blast furnaces emit 7% less CO2 than the EU average, but SSAB is striving for more. Innovations in the HYBRIT initiative put steelmaking on track to be fossil free by 2045. Read more on SSAB’s website.

Responsible partner
Responsible partner as a focus means that we have ongoing initiatives in health and safety, but also related to diversity and business ethics.

Let’s make a difference together

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